Roll-to-Roll Heating System


The Roll-to-Roll Heating System is a film furnace that is capable of combining three types of heat sources to support a wide temperature range. It also supports a maximum furnace atmosphere temperature of 600°C, low-oxygen atmospheres (100 ppm or less), and low dew-point atmospheres (dew point -50°C or below).

Roll-to-Roll Heating System


  • Capable of combining three types of heat sources

    Three types of heat sources can be selected: wavelength-control heater (near-infrared), hot air, and far-infrared heater. These can be used individually or in combination for testing or device production.

  • Reduced heat damage to films

    The wavelength-control heater and equipment design that were developed independently by NGK allow drying at low temperatures, reducing heat damage to films.

  • High-precision atmosphere heating

    The "labyrinth mechanism" developed independently by NGK makes it possible to greatly reduce the amounts of atmosphere gas and perform high-precision atmosphere heating.

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