Tunnel Kiln


The Tunnel Kiln is a firing kiln that is constructed on-site and operates by transporting products on kiln cars through the furnace. It delivers labor and energy savings, and can reduce the amounts of fuel used and amounts of CO2 emitted. In addition to oxidation firing kilns, NGK supports reduction atmosphere kilns. We also provide high-temperature firing kilns with a maximum temperature of 1,850°C.

Tunnel Kiln


  • Supports energy savings with the use of fiber kiln materials and the NEWSIC Si-SiC kiln material.

    The use of fiber kiln materials and the high-strength NEWSIC shelf boards provides energy savings. These materials also help achieve rapid warm-up and cool-down, and enable intermittent operation such as stopping kiln operation on weekends.

  • Supports fully automated total production plants.

    Full automation is possible, including the kiln car stock line and other processes, helping to reduce energy consumption. This also makes it possible to automatically perform kiln ignition and shutdown in order to stop operation on weekends.

  • Allows mass production of large-size products, as well as mixed production of multiple product types.

  • Supports high temperatures up to 1,850°C.

  • The use of fiber kiln materials helps achieve rapid warm-up and cool-down.

  • Capable of energy savings through waste heat recovery, lightweight kiln cars, and air-fuel ratio control.

  • Feedback control of the kiln car feed speed allows more stable production volumes.

Equipment flow combining energy-saving technologies

  1. Active reuse of cooling zone air (waste heat recovery)
  2. m-value control for reduction of excess air
Equipment Flow Combining Energy-saving Technologies (exapmle)

Example of use

Tunnel kiln for roof tile NGK tunnel kilns are available for firing of tiles, roof tiles, sanitaryware, tableware, and other products.
Tunnel kiln for tableware NGK can provide total production plants that utilize automated control systems.

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