Shuttle Kiln


The Shuttle Kiln is a batch-type firing kiln that fires products on a kiln car that is shut inside the kiln. Control of the kiln temperature and atmosphere is automated, and the optimal firing conditions can be set. In addition to oxidation firing kilns, NGK supports reduction atmosphere kilns. We also provide high-temperature firing kilns with a maximum temperature of 1,830°C.

Shuttle Kiln


  • The use of fiber kiln materials allows firing in a short time.

    The use of fiber kiln materials that store little heat, together with high-strength NEWSIC shelf boards, provide energy savings and help support rapid warm-up and cool-down.

  • Fully automated operation by computer control

  • Control of individual burners (temperature and atmosphere control)

  • Kiln pressure control

  • Kiln internal O2 control without oxygen analysis (patented)

  • Precise temperature control starting from low temperature ranges

  • Heat recovery

  • Achievement of CO2 reduction through hydrogen co-firing and mono-combustion burners

Main characteristics

  • Capable of low-volume, high-mix production.
  • The combination of touch panel and PC simplifies creation of the firing schedule and allows remote monitoring and operation.
  • Recovery after a power outage can be performed with a single button.
  • Capable of fully automated operation with oxidation and reduction atmosphere control.

Automated atmosphere control and management system

The m-value of each burner is continually measured, displayed, and recorded for combustion (kiln opening) management.

Illustration of Automated Atmosphere Control and Management System

Examples of use

Shuttle kiln for insulators (CO 3% at reducing operation) NGK’s tunnel is available for firing tiles, roof tiles, sanitaryware, tableware, etc.
Shuttle kiln for refractories (Maximum temperature:1830˚C) Based on firing technologies developed through extensive experience, NGK offers shuttle kilns for firing at super-high temperatures of 1,830°C.

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