Human Capital Management

Basic Approach

The NGK Group is reforming our business structure by establishing five transformations we must implement to realize what we want to be in 2050 “a company to contribute to carbon neutrality and digital society with our unique ceramic technologies.” Among these five transformations, we have placed our response to ESG issues at the core of our management. We recognize that human resources are a form of capital instead of a cost. Based on this recognition, we believe that maximizing the value of our human resources by linking our management strategies and human resource strategies will lead to an improvement in our corporate value and growth.
We formulated the NGK Group Human Capital Management Policy, Human Resource Development Policy and Workplace Development Policy in June 2023 based on the recent increase in requests for the disclosure of information from society relating to human resources and the NGK Group Vision.
It is none other than each one of our employees who will create new value for a sustainable society by implementing the five transformations to realize the NGK Group Vision: Road to 2050. We will maximize the abilities of our employees by providing rich and vibrant workplace environments to boost the human resources who will take on the challenge of transforming our company.

NGK Group Human Capital Management Policy

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Promotion Structure

The NGK Group shares the NGK Group Human Capital Management Policy as a group-wide guideline and promotes human capital management over our entire group. The HR Committee deliberates various personnel policies based on the NGK Group Human Capital Management Policy. It then reports to the Board of Directors at least once a year on the matters it has determined to be important among those it has reached a decision on upon its deliberations and results in the fiscal year.
The NGK Group has sites around the world. Accordingly, we believe it is important from the perspective of effectiveness to formulate and operate strategies and policies to realize our Human Capital Management Policy in line with the situation and sense of issues faced in each of our group companies. We will continue to ensure the instillation of our Human Capital Management Policy by carefully communicating with the personnel departments at each of our sites about the policies and activities to suit each of them in the future.

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