Pursuing Product Safety

Basic Approach

The NGK Group pursues product safety through product quality maintenance activities that follow our quality policy based on the NGK Group Corporate Business Principles.

NGK Group Corporate Business Principles

Pursuing Quality

Policies and Guidelines

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Activity System

NGK's Quality Activity System consists of a Group-wide system led by the Quality Committee Chair, and activity systems within each business division led by the heads of each business group. We promote activities for pursuing safety of products and services within this Quality Activity System.

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Risk Assessment

We mainly carry out the following activities to assess safety risks concerning our products and services.

1 QRE-P (Quality Risk Elimination Process): An operational protocol intended to more effectively eliminate quality-related risks at every stage when bringing products to market, from product planning to mass production.

2 Design review

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Communicating with Customers

In the NGK Group Corporate Business Principles and Code of Conduct, the NGK Group states that we will accurately and promptly disclose information required by society. We will also provide appropriate information about our products and services. We introduce products and disclose information related to product handling through the product information on our website, and provide handling precautions for each specific case. When developing products, we check the regulations of the destination country to ensure safety in compliance with those regulations. Depending on customer request, the Quality Assurance Department in each business group takes the lead in cooperating with surveys of chemical substances contained in our products, as well as disclosing Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). In addition, our Guidelines for Environmental Action, Procurement Information, and NGK Group's Supply-Chain CSR Guidelines stipulate that we will implement initiatives together with our suppliers which include product safety. Therefore, our product stewardship activities include prioritizing procurement of environmentally-friendly materials, parts, products, and equipment, as well as working to ensure proper management of the chemical substances contained within our products.


Guidelines for Environmental Action

Procurement Information

NGK Group's Supply-Chain CSR Guidelines (PDF:141KB)

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Employee Training and Education

NGK, and our Group companies in Japan, invest in systematic human resources development across all job areas from the time an employee joins the company, and at every stage in their advancement. Our company-wide training includes content related to product safety. Specifically, we provide training on IATF 16949/ISO 9000, as well as study sessions on product safety with regards to Product Liability Act.

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