Corruption Prevention Structure

Corruption Prevention Structure

The NGK Group Code of Conduct states that “we will never in any manner undertake bribery” and “we will undertake business activities with common sense and based on strict compliance and ethics”; in line with this, the NGK Group implements anti-bribery measures in order to ensure fair and transparent transactions. In fiscal 2015, we instituted anti-bribery rules for dealing with foreign public officials in order to ensure compliance with anti-bribery laws as well as ethical standards for business conduct. Further, in fiscal 2017 our Auditing Department began a review of overseas money transfers and entertainment expenses.

Conducting Anti-Bribery Training

Since fiscal 2019, we have not only had our in-house lecturers provide job grade-specific training to NGK employees, we have also invited outside lawyers to deliver interactive lectures as well as small-group, case study-focused training sessions in our sales divisions. In addition, we have also arranged for attorney-led seminars and other training at all Group companies.

Anti-Competitive Behavior Incidents

In fiscal 2020, there were no confirmed incidents of anti-competitive behavior in the NGK Group.

Donations and Other Spending

The NGK Group conforms to all applicable laws with regard to political contributions; this includes abiding by legal prohibitions against political contributions to individual politicians and ensuring that contributions to specific political organizations and parties do not exceed legally stipulated limits.
In fiscal 2020, the NGK Group had no political contribution expenditures.