Initiatives Toward Harmony with Nature

Protecting Biodiversity

In the NGK Group, we view the challenge of protecting biodiversity as an integral part of achieving a sustainable society, and towards that end we are undertaking the following activities.

Activities for Achieving the Aichi Targets

The NGK Group has been pushing forward with activities pursuant to the Aichi Targets (international goals for biodiversity) agreed upon at the 10th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP 10).
Since fiscal 2016 under the current Five-Year Action Plan, we have done biodiversity surveys of company-owned sites, taken part in the Ministry of the Environment’s “My Action Declaration” initiative, and worked in unison with our suppliers.

Promoting Participation in the “My Action Declaration” Initiative

Picture of MY Action Declaration Card. My Action Declaration card

In fiscal 2017, as a way of raising awareness among employees, we began promoting participation in the “My Action Declaration” initiative led by the Japan Business Federation and the Ministry of the Environment. This project aims to have by 2020 a million people make a declaration to take action to conserve biodiversity.*
NGK continues to use this initiative as an opportunity to raise awareness among employees and has expanded it throughout NGK Group companies in Japan, attracting a cumulative total of 6,800 group employee declarations thus far.

To be extended until October 2021.

Aichi Targets NGK Group Activities
Target 1 Spread awareness People are aware of the value of biodiversity and actions to be taken to conserve it.
  • •  Employee environmental education
  • •  Next-generation education
  • •  Cooperation with suppliers
  • •  Promoting participation in My Action Declaration initiative
  • •  Encouraging employees to participate in volunteer activities
Target 4 Sustainable production and consumption Stakeholders at all levels have taken steps to achieve sustainable production and consumption.
  • •  Expanding sales of products contributing to environmental protection
  • •  CO2 reduction
  • •  Effective use of resources
  • •  Cooperation with suppliers
Target 5 Inhibit loss of all natural habitats The rate of loss of all natural habitats, including forests, is at least halved, and degradation and fragmentation is significantly reduced.
  • •  Voluntary employee participation in forestation and other environmental conservation activities
  • •  Biodiversity survey/appropriate control of company-owned site
Target 8 Control pollution by chemical substances, etc. Pollution from use of chemicals, including fertilizers and agrichemicals, has been brought to levels that are not detrimental to the ecosystem.
  • •  Chemical substance management
  • •  Management of exhaust and wastewater
  • •  Expanding sales of products that prevent air pollution
  • •  Cooperation with suppliers
Target 9 Alien species Invasive alien species are controlled or eradicated.
  • •  Biodiversity survey/appropriate control of company-owned site
Target11 Conserve protected areas At least 17% of terrestrial and inland water areas and 10% of coastal and marine areas are placed under appropriate conservation management.
  • •  Voluntary employee participation in forestation and other environmental conservation activities
Target14 Ecosystem services Ecosystems that provide essential natural services are restored and safeguarded.
  • •  Voluntary employee participation in forestation and other environmental conservation activities
  • •  Biodiversity survey/appropriate control of company-owned site

Note: Source: “Guidelines for Action by the E&E Industries concerning Biodiversity Conservation” (The Biodiversity Working Group, The 4 Electrical and Electronic Industry Associations)

Cooperation with Suppliers

We have added to the CSR Procurement Guidelines items pertaining to water resource-related initiatives and biodiversity conservation initiatives. We have won the agreement of 99.9% of our suppliers in Japan to comply with the expanded Guidelines.

Biodiversity Survey of Company-Owned Site

Picture of biodiversity survey conducted at an NGK employee welfare facility in the suburbs of Nagoya City. Biodiversity survey

At an NGK employee welfare facility located on the outskirts of Nagoya City, we carry out periodic summer and winter surveys of birds, plants, and insects. Among the diversity of wildlife confirmed, no alien species that require urgent action has been found, meaning that biodiversity is being adequately maintained. The results of the surveys are displayed on panels at the facility in order to raise awareness of the area’s biodiversity among facility users.

Employee Volunteering

NGK bases work with local governments and NPOs in community service, and this includes contributing to the preservation of biodiversity.
Employees of NGK Okhotsk (in Abashiri, Hokkaido Prefecture) help the Lake Abashiri Mizu-to-Midori-no-kai (Water and Greenery Association) in its activities to preserve Asian skunk cabbage colonies. These efforts have been held twice a year, in spring and autumn, since 2009 as one way to conserve the local natural environment.
Employees of the Ishikawa plants of NGK and NGK Ceramic Device join local citizens every year in cleaning up the Neagari coastline in Nomi, Ishikawa Prefecture. Ocean plastic pollution has become a worldwide problem in recent years, not only spoiling the aesthetic beauty of beaches but also presenting serious threats to ecosystems. To help alleviate this problem NGK employees join beach cleanups conducted under Ishikawa Prefecture’s Clean Beach Ishikawa initiative every year.
Group companies outside Japan are also doing their part for the environment. NGK Electronics Devices Malaysia (in Penang) takes part in tree-planting activities of the Forestry Department of Peninsular Malaysia. In fiscal 2019, employees joined mangrove planting in a forest reserve in Nibong Tebal, Penang. By planting trees in this way, the effort raises employee awareness of the importance of environmental protection and ecosystem maintenance.

Picture of activities conducted by NGK Okhotsk to help conserve Asia skunk cabbage colonies.

Employees help preserve Asian skunk cabbage colonies
NGK Okhotsk

Picture of beach cleanup undertaken by the NGK Ishikawa Plant and NGK Ceramic Device Ishikawa Plant.

Employees in beach cleanup
NGK Ishikawa Plant, NGK Ceramic Device Ishikawa Plant

Mangrove tree planting conducted by NGK Electronics Devices Malaysia.

Joining mangrove-planting in Malaysia
NGK Electronics Devices Malaysia