Corporate Governance System

To ensure lawful business activities and management transparency, respond quickly to changes in the management environment, and create and maintain a fair management system from the shareholder’s perspective, NGK has created the following systems. In April 2019, we established the ESG Committee, chaired by the president, to promote comprehensive discussion on key issues, strategies, and action plans related to the environment, society, and governance. In fiscal 2020, the ESG Committee met seven times during which it examined a variety of important matters, including long-term environmental response-related planning; the state of environmental, quality, safety and health-related committee activity; ascertainment of serious risks and handling of disclosure; and the status of social contribution activities.

Overall diagram of Corporate Governance System. It shows the mutual relationship between the general meeting of shareholders, the board of directors, the audit & supervisory board, the accounting auditor, and the company, which is the business execution functions.