Corporate Governance

Internal Control Systems

The Board of Directors and the executive bodies overseen by the president are responsible for establishing and operating NGK's internal control system. The Auditing Department, a specialized internal audit body, is responsible for assessing the status of business execution at each operating division. Moreover, NGK has established the Internal Controls Committee to manage its reporting system for internal controls pursuant to Japan's Financial Instruments and Exchange Act.

The NGK Group Code of Conduct (revised in January 2019) were formulated as a policy embodying the Group's corporate philosophy. These guidelines specify the Group's fundamental stance with respect to business activities and corporate behavior to ensure it remains a company that is beneficial to society, even in the pursuit of its economic goals. The CSR Committee, under which the Compliance Subcommittee, Security Subcommittee, and Social Contribution Subcommittee are organized, is responsible for a range of activities that include ensuring compliance with the NGK Group Code of Conduct, laws, regulations and corporate ethics is fully entrenched throughout the Group, and developing responses to incidents and accidents which it believes could significantly impact the Company. The Committee's actions are designed to maintain and improve the level of the Group's internal control system.

Please note that the "Resolution for the Development of Systems to Ensure the Appropriateness of Operations" was amended at a Board of Director meeting held in March 2017.