Customer and Quality

Basic Policy for Customers

Guided by the Corporate Philosophy, which puts customers first, the NGK Group considers the provision of products and services that contribute to a better social environment to be one of its most important missions in an effort to create quality from the customer’s perspective.
The NGK Group engages in the creation of quality from the customer’s perspective by defining Quality Objectives each year in accordance with the Quality Policy based on the NGK Group Code of Conduct.

Results of Initiatives in Fiscal 2020

We have been implementing quality of operation*1 improvement initiatives since fiscal 2018. In fiscal 2020, we undertook activities that promoted problem identification and reporting as an important element of reforming and improving organizational culture. Specifically, we expanded the scope of training aimed at boosting managers’ awareness to also include section managers and supervisors, as well as encouraged each division to report their concerns. These efforts have contributed to a more widespread compliance-focused mindset and to improved quality of operation.

  • *1 Quality of operation: Level of operational systems that are in place to ensure that promises made to customers are fulfilled.

Initiatives Planned for Fiscal 2021

In fiscal 2021, we will work to put in place a system that facilitates autonomous implementation of customer-focused quality compliance activities by employees. At the same time, we will continue the efforts begun last fiscal year to facilitate autonomous QRE-P*2 operations at the division level.
For fiscal 2021, our goal is to cultivate a corporate culture where every employee feels a sense of personal responsibility and involvement in ongoing quality of operation improvement and refinement.

  • *2 QRE-P (Quality Risk Elimination Process): An operational protocol intended to more effectively eliminate quality-related risks at every stage when bringing products to market, from product planning to mass production.